Loads of interest... and my plan

So my rant on the neutering of Real Rock 97.3 seems to be a pretty popular result when one searches for what used to be the best radio station Southwest GA has ever heard... unless you lived/worked in Bainbridge, since Live 101.9 is, as some youngsters are accustomed to saying, da bomb! (Heh, I'm 25 and calling teens 'youngsters'!) But anyhow, its got me to thinking... bloggers are supposed to be the 'new journalists' or the 'new activists' or something, right? After all, bloggers brought about the downfall of Dan Rather (and caused Murrow to turn over a bit more in his grave; some of you might get that). So, here's what I propose if there's enough interest to bring back Real Rock 97.3 in some form:

  1. Tell all your friends about this post, tell them to tell their friends, etc.
  2. Go to Clear Channel's website
  3. Click on the 'Contact Us' link
  4. Fill in all the required fields, select 'Radio' from the drop-down box, and let Clear Channel know why you think their so-called revenue-generating move sucks!
  5. Request they change it back, or if they insist on battering Southwest GA with some of the weakest music possible (with very few good songs in-between), change 96.3 or 100.3 (which should go over like a lead balloon!), or give us a new station on the dial and give that station 97.3's old tower.
WALB ran a story about how many e-mails and calls the station received the day of the new format debuting. So, I know that many weren't happy. But, you always need to go to the source, and in this case its Clear Channel corporate.

Who knows, maybe this will generate enough buzz to get somebody's attention, or maybe its an insane idea. I believe my blog description says it all... 'things on my mind'. Comments anyone?

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