Real Rock... neutered

(Update 6/3/05 - I had an idea about something to do with protesting this format change... click here to read about it)

Let me just say, to start off, I hate Clear Channel. I hate it with a passion. They have killed music as we once knew it. The latest example: Real Rock 97.3 out of Albany. Its back to Magic 97.3 but, unlike the old Magic 97.3 and playing actual hit music (I believe it was responsible for getting me hooked on Britney Spears, and a song by Puff Daddy once came on, unedited, and inadvertantly got me hooked on Led Zeppelin), this one, so far, is proving to piss me off! Maybe I should give it a chance... after all, so far the station has played everything from Sheryl Crow to Shania Twain to The Supremes to the Bee Gees to Celine Dion to Avril Lavigne and back, but it needs to be more like Live 101.9 for me to listen to it on a regular basis again. Need to remind myself: next time I see Kevin, ask him if he could possibly boost the signal of his radio station to like 15,000 watts, so we can pick it up better here. I'm not sure how one would go about doing that, but we need to get a decent station's signal up here in Camilla. Right now, we have crap, crap, and more crap. Maybe Rock 103 could step up and take Real Rock's place... doubt it.

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