Fresh from the recent calls from PCSG, another strange number called. This time it was more local. I had no idea who it was... wrong number, perhaps? Just out of curiosity, I checked Infospace. Still wondered who the hell it was! Then, just before I zoomed out to see what area of the county was calling, it hit me... Jessica.

A little backstory, since I usually try to bury this: the same summer that I met April, I also started working with somebody somewhat closer in age to me. Her name was Jessica. She was an OK cashier, but over time I realized she was turning her eyes more in my direction. I knew she had feelings for me. I still remember the night I was eating lunch and she came back there, and we got to talking about dating. She said that perfect one could be a thousand miles away or right under our noses. I knew what she was getting at.

So then she quit... so of course then I could date her. I ran full-freakin'-throttle into the relationship. I ignored everybody trying to warn me about things. Nobody was specific, so I didn't care. But anyhow, we both were madly in love with each other. I met her family, and she met mine, and we all got along great. Oh yeah, there's the first date. Went to Tallahassee... turned my cell off. Got home, and my dad was about to be rushed to CCU at Phoebe in Albany. While going 95, my mind left my body for a few days, and I decided to propose... my dad was NOT going to die without one of his sons being married! After my brain got back to my body, a co-worker named Eric came to me and said he'd seen Jessica with about 20 guys the night before. Literally, 20 GUYS!!! I was a wee bit stunned. Then soon a lot of my co-workers came to me, and a lot of people from Mitchell County and Baker County came to me saying things they knew about her, and things they had seen fairly recently, as in, after the point me and Jessica had started dating. Knowing that half the damn area couldn't be wrong, I confronted Jessica with it, and she proceeded to say they were all lying. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK. We never told each other it was over, but we knew it was. Officially, the relationship ran from my parents' wedding anniversary to my birthday.

But yeah, she called, and I didn't answer the phone. I don't know why she called. I'm a bit curious, because maybe something happened to her grandfather (if it hasn't already), and I was close to him. The last time she was in W-D as far as anybody knows, she had let her hair go back to its natural color, and had chopped most of it off. Stacy said something about her boyfriend being in the office (as I huddled down underneath the counter), and Jessica smiled. That was three years ago.

Trust me, as crazy as PCSG is, this is more concerning, since she's basically right here. The other one can't afford to make the trip here, so I'm safe from her, at least for now.

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