The sweet feeling of closure

So, I fell asleep after my last post. Usually I do not ever hear my phone when I sleep, as it is set to low. But this time I heard it. I saw the number on Caller ID through the darkness. This time I answered it. I thought I'd recognize the voice, but I didn't. This didn't sound like Jessica... this person sounded a lot more mature, a lot more grounded. We talked a few minutes... right off, she apologized for the hurt she put me through those many years ago, and chalked it up to being young and foolish. Of course I'd always looked at my proposing to her as a Y&F moment. We also caught up on how our families were doing, how we were doing, etc.

I'd always pictured this moment, when we finally sat down and talked. Would there be any animosity between us after all these years? Would we become friends again? Would the old feelings we once had for each other still, after all this time, be there? No, maybe, and I'm not sure about her, but yeah.

We'll see what happens.

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