There goes Camilla?

So, it looked like they were finally going to post for that additional asst. manager spot in Camilla. And I was all set to apply for it, and set to get it. But word came today, and confirmed, that if I did go back, I'd be facing the 'nuclear option', or the 'career-suicide option' to be more precise. Seems that a certain co-manager, just before he went out of work with what I will describe as an 'unspecified reason', did what everybody thought was impossible: hiring back somebody after them quitting less than three years before. Brandie was hired back. And of course, she is one of those I'd go out with in a heartbeat. It took all the restraint I could find to keep away from her when we did work together. I could not say for sure if I'd hold back this time, as last time... well, last time, we know what was happening.

But I wouldn't be facing the CSO unless I was dating somebody else... and I have an idea as to who I want to go out with. Somebody light years better than Brandie, and Brandie is damn-near perfect! But, maybe I'm dreaming or over-reaching... probably the latter. But, as a friend told me the other day, life is short, so why not go for it?

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