I stumbled across a Wikipedia article that I may or may not be linking to. I thought about a woman I know up here in Camilla who, in relatively short time, has aged dramatically. All because of one thing... one stupid thing. I thought about Wade, and how he had so much going for him, and all because of one stupid thing, everything literally blew up and took his house and his career with it. I thought about Rachel, and how glad I am that she was able to get out of its grip. I think about this county as a whole, and wonder what the hell happened to it! How did this problem get this bad? I can almost blame myself... no, I do. I could've said 'no' whenever I was asked for money for reasons that seemed OK (like, "My kids need formula," or, "I'm out of work and need help making my car payment."), and I fell for it, and probably inadvertantly precipitated something larger. And then, what is really heartbreaking is, I think about Brandie, and think to myself, "God, please don't let my suspicions be true!" And who'd have thought that something made from something as simple as cold medicene, which is supposed to HELP get people get better, could make so many so un-well. Isn't it ironic? And for what? A quick high? The ability to make it through a long day? Is it really worth it?!?!

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