So I wonder...

... whatever happened to you-know-who calling me a few weeks back? I still wonder as to the nature of her all of a sudden calling me, and then all of a sudden stopping. My e-mail to her went unanswered as well, but the spam in that addy went up, even after being an inactive account for so long.

... what is up with my former manager? I know it has to be pretty rough going for him right now. I dropped by there as I was in the neighborhood, parked crooked, and told myself, "Don't hit the boss's car!" I also reflected on the fact that two years ago myself and everybody else in Camilla would've been glad about this, but now we're mad about it.

... can I keep a possible trip to the movies strictly platonic? I'm sure I can; I have kept dinners with females platonic before even though I wanted to be a bit more romantic (example: Rachel).

... will I decide to clean my room? LOL And more importantly before Saturday gets here, my car? :P

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