Mac News!

I must confess that as I write this, I am presently using Windows BugPee... er, XP... and have very, very, very rarely used a Mac... I think my Windows-to-Mac usage ratio is like 111,056-to-1. Nobody I know around here owns a Mac. But, I read that Apple is going to start using Intel x86 chips. If they're going to start porting to x86, wouldn't that mean you could conceievably have a system built expressly for Windows or Linux that could now also run MacOS? I've read where some say that Steve Jobs is basically committing OS suicide, but think about it: if it can be run on x86 architecture, like Windows and Linux and who knows what else, and since a full version of the MacOS ships at less than the price of a Windows upgrade disc, then they'd be tapping into a market that doesn't want to spend $500 for an Apple computer, but would gladly spend $130 for an operating system that is proven to be far better than Windows. Some say that software makers might balk at having to turn around and start writing everything so it works under x86 architecture... um, just use the Windows/Linux versions as a road map.

Also, another confession as I end this: I'm not much of a CPU guru as far as what can run on what type of CPU, and, as I said above, I've used Windows my entire computing life, with just a taste of Mac (and never Linux, although I'd love to try that out), nor do I write the code for all these apps out there. So if I'm wrong on any of this, kindly let me know, OK?

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