One wild and crazy idea

Of course as of this writing I can't afford it... if I get back on in Camilla (as either co-manager or asst. store manager) or move to Bainbridge and recover the cost of moving in relatively short fashion, or once I get my car paid off, I plan on blowing about $500 on something totally useless. So, Steve Jobs said that all along, Mac OS X could run on an Intel Pentium-powered computer. Fine... well, I've heard that one needed an emulator to do this. As soon as I can get up enough money, I'm getting a barebones kit for $80, the cheapest Pentium 4 I can find ($140), a copy of OS X ($130), and a 256 MB DDR RAM module (too lazy to find the price), and will test it for myself.

Anybody reading this wanna help raise the funds for me to try this? Or anybody with the funds wanna try this on their own?

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