That whole creative process

I have so many ideas for writing a story or two... only problem is that they're all logjamming in my mind! I don't have writer's block per se. I can come up with ideas with ease. Its just picking ONE! Oh hell, I might start work on all of them, and either go for a collection of short stories or try to interweake them all. And oh, while I'm at it, that so-called 'book' of mine might get a major-ass overhaul. I haven't worked on it in four years, and it needed work badly when I stopped, so I might just work on it. I might even keep the original storyline intact, but do what I should've done to start with... start it off in 1996 and work my way up. It is, after all, a coming-of-age story... going from being a teen to a 20-something.

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