Some reason

I must've clicked on Blogger for some reason. I've just got a load on my mind. Found that all that searching for Brandie I did was in the wrong area... my own neighborhood would've been a better place to start. But on one hand, I want to try everything I can to either go out with her or help her find a job somewhere, but on the other think that she is being pretty self-destructive right now and should possibly steer clear.

And then there's this girl in Bainbridge. No, I don't work with her (anymore). I miss seeing her all the time though. I just haven't felt the same since I started seeing less of her. Its like something that brightened my day is missing and yet, I pretty much could try to ask her out if I wanted to, but yet again feel so conflicted.

Oh, I did not get co-manager back up here. That I expected, but from what I was told I was strong in every area except perishables. That is not too shocking to me, as I have never worked a perishable department to any great length before. I have one more shot at asst. store manager, and it looks like I might have a fighting chance. But if I don't get that, Plan B comes into play... 'B' meaning 'Bainbridge' that is.

Note to self... I work at 6 AM, not 9 AM, tomorrow. LOL

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