Work with me on this

I'm just gonna spend a few minutes typing out story ideas in blog-post form, and hit the publish button when I'm done

Something semi-autobiographical. Young man has no social life to speak of, due to shyness and having a mostly sheltered life on top of it. He desperately longs for attention from somebody...anybody...and gets it, but doesn't realize it. He has friends, but none he hangs out with. His living conditions aren't what he'd consider ideal, but he somehow makes due, even if it means he locks himself in his room for hours on end. Slowly, signs appear that he's cracking.

Girl has two really big secrets. She tells one person, who becomes faithful to his word that he won't ever reveal either one... even though one will be revealed anyhow thanks to nature. He hides a secret from her... that he is falling for her.

Young man dying from cancer. Seeks out his first crush from when he was a child. But would it be torment for what could've been? Or just rehashing old childhood memories, and being friends with the first one he thought he loved?

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