Extreme measures

Care of the Presence Forum, somebody posted an account of a rave gone horribly wrong out in Utah. The story comes from two sources: one, a poster by the name of Apollo on a site called the Daily Kos, and another from the Drug Policy Alliance. Oh, there's video as well.

OK, news mode over. Opinion mode on!

True I am not a big party-goer. Raves are of no interest to me and, as far as I know, roughly the other hundred thousand or so people aged 18-25 in a 70-mile radius of here. You never hear about raves in this area. That being said, I think things were taken a bit to the extreme. From what video I have seen (I'm now on an intense hunt for more), things looked under control before the cops showed up. From what I have read from the blog account, they were getting the drugs at the gate. Was there really any need for a SWAT-type invasion like that? Yes, drugs are bad, but Ecstasy isn't near as bad a problem as meth is. Pull all this firepower for a meth lab, and I might can understand it better. Hell, pull all this for all illegal drugs and I can live with it! But it looked like it was a very controlled environment. Nobody seemed like they were going to get hurt. Let's see how this all plays out.

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