Wow oh wow oh wow....

Lots to talk about in this entry. Yes, making up for lost time!

Been really busy at the store! Sean has really turned the place around, and he hasn't even been there a month! He's a very positive person, and a very fired-up person, and we're all responding with renewed confidence and vigor, and getting more creative than we have been. This past week we hit a new non-holiday, post-Wal-Mart opening sales high! We even attracted a few people from Mitchell County who would otherwise go to my old location.

Haven't really done anything with the Mitchell County Connection website. I'm getting it out there slowly, but haven't really been in town much to talk about it. Word of mouth is something that I want to do with it. Only traffic I generated was when I mentioned the website to a friend of mine. Speaking of traffic... WOW! I set a record for one topic search hit when I mentioned OS X for the x86, and even got a view of my page outlining the idea I'd had!

And then... I did something probably stupid, but nevertheless, I did it. I messaged you-know-who. Do I need to really say who I messaged? Go back a couple of posts, you'll see. I dropped her an offline message after I blogged about what I found out. Two days later, she messaged me back. Nice to see which way her priorities went is all I have to say.

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