Blasts from the past

So, I ended up on the Wikipedia entry for Millsboro, DE, my old hometown. I read up on it... almost wanted to correct the entry for highest observed temperature (I saw 111 in 1987 damnit!), and then decided, "Well, let's see if I can find anybody I know from up there." I started school there 20 years ago this month... doesn't seem like its been that long! I saw that Mr. Brittingham is still in charge up there. He was the #2 man when I went to school there. I saw a pic of him, and to be honest the man hasn't changed a bit. That school hasn't really changed much either. I saw that my old 2nd grade teacher is now teaching 3rd grade, which to be honest, my thoughts about 17 years ago were that she would one day teach 3rd grade... hey, I was right! :)

So then, I tried to find info on Westover Elementary School in Somerset County, MD. Its not listed on the Somerset County School District page, so I don't know if it was closed or renamed. If anybody knows, contact me. If anybody went to school there from 1990-1991 and was in the 5th grade for that school year, definitely contact me. :)

Next up: Cherokee Elementary School up in Americus. I drove by there a few months back... its in poor, poor shape. :( I wonder if they unearthed that time capsule we buried there back in 1989? It was supposed to be uncovered in 1999.

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