The governor of the state decided to give students in GA an extended weekend, in an effort to save fuel by reducing the amount of diesel used up by busses, and of course, teachers, staff, and parents would save gas by not having to go the schoolhouse. This, in turn, was designed to a) conserve gas, which of course b) would lower the demand for gas, which in turn c) would've lowered the price of gas. Well of course, this translated in Georgian to, "We're about to be bone-freakin'-dry on gas, so get it while you still can!" Flash Foods was probably the least congested store, and it was starting to back up onto Butler St. and Scott St.

Of course I was among those filling up. Mostly that was because last time, the panic-stricken assholes drove prices up to $3.30 a gallon. I didn't want to get caught paying a gazillion dollars on gas again. But, watching the governor's speech just now, he stressed that we'd be running short on diesel fuel, not regualr gasoline.

Open your damn ears people!

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