Debating on a new template

I like my current template... don't get me wrong there. But I'm in one of those stages where I think change might be good. But then again, I have added so much to this one: links, archive drop-down box, logos, etc, that I'd have a hard time trying to recode everything back. I've had this one for almost 8 months. But, as you can notice in Firefox (not sure about Infestedwith Exploits... er, Internet Explorer), you have the top post, then a lot of scrolling to the next post. I think my links to the right are to blame, but for the life of me I can't figure out why. So that's part of the reason for a new template; to start fresh and catch any problems before they arise.

I may just make one mod to this one... getting the text to appear in an easier-to-see color. Provided, of course, I can figure that one out.

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