Tread carefully

I found out a girl I used to hang around is getting a divorce. I am not shocked that it was coming... saw it a mile away. Considering I am in a semi-stable relationship, I'm treading carefully. Not that I would mess with this girl again. After all, I can trace part of my financial drop to her.

Of course, there is someone else... someone I became very close to in the past month or so. Somebody my former boss tried to get me to ask out, but I couldn't. Now I can, but the distance is still too great. Of course, moving closer to her would put me either closer or equi-distant to the store I'm at now, but still, can't do that until next year. But again, I don't know about my current semi-relationship. I still care about her a great deal, but again, distance is a problem at the moment. Maybe not too much of a problem now, but still I'd rather hang out at home than at work, especially in my position.

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