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I don't know how many people actually come across this blog. But I am asking anybody that sees this to please donate to help aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I haven't donated yet, but plan to. If your normal grocer has it, use Even-It-Up, which rounds up your grocery total to the next dollar. Winn-Dixie has it, and many people utilized it today. We also started a program entitled Neighbors Helping Neighbors, which adds the amount of one's choosing to their receipt to be donated to the American Red Cross. I'm not sure what other retailers are doing, but donate through them if you can. Of course you can also go to the American Red Cross site and make a donation to the Disaster Relief Fund. As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm going to donate blood, and everybody else should as well. They're probably going to need it for some of the more seriously affected people who might need surgery. One thing my store started up was gathering non-perishable items. The Harvey's store across town of course did one better and have a semi parked there, and they're gonna fill it up with as many non-perishables as they can fit, and trust me, that'll be a lot! I also recommend some donations to Habitat for Humanity, which is based 65 miles from where I live. A fellow blogger has a list of charities and other info located here. I found another list as well, located here.

This disaster may have hit one area, but it affects all of us in some way. We all need to band together and help out those in need during this crisis in some small way. As I have always believed, little things add up to produce great big things. Let's all pitch in!

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