One little hurricane causes so much panic with gas prices... its unreal! Six bucks up in Atlanta? $3.50 in Bainbridge? Anything and everything over $3???? Come on! I am going to have to either transfer back here or move to Bainbridge very, very soon. Yeah, I could try for asst. manager in Cairo, which means a lot more money to pay for gas, but I'm not. Why go back to THAT? It isn't worth the stress of working with certain people again.

Watching the events unfold in New Orleans is surreal. It makes every other disaster in this country that I've seen in my lifetime seem like child's play. I want to do more than just donate to charity. I do plan on giving blood, but even then, I want to do more. I did ask Sean about going over there to help rebuild the W-D stores affected, but at this point nobody knows when anybody can get in to rebuild or restore anything. But the loss of life is bad... it may even surpass 9/11. And to see how some have reacted... while I can see them looting food and clothing as being a move for survival, and maybe even looting radios to get some kind of news, looting other stuff just shows how stupid some are. And there's gangs... armed gangs roaming the streets at night? Its like something out of a movie even Hollywood couldn't dream up. My heart goes out to all those people. I will keep them all in my prayers. Hang in there guys!

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