Never say never... again

I said sometime in March 2004 that I'd never, ever work with Stacey again. Camilla was bad enough, why drive 35 miles to endure that BS all over again? But I took a chance. I dropped all my preconceived notions I had of him, and figured he'd be better to deal with since he and I were both away from Camilla. I was right, of course.

I posted for asst. manager in Cairo. Yep, under Darrell. I think I've grown to a point that I can just work through any BS that might (or might not) come up. Plus, driving 20 miles less every day and making a hell of a lot more also gnawed at me. The fact that nobody else has put in for it was like a sign that, hey, maybe I might need to try for this.

Nobody but my friend Clark knows what I have put in for. Of course should district trainer come up, I'd rather get that.

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