I got it! Darrell called me today and said he wanted to meet with me on Wednesday. He called back and talked to Sean, and asked when he could let me go. That's how I got the word! A few knew before I did, but I told everybody else once I got the news. I'm very excited, and looking forward to the opportunity to once again be a part of store management. I'm going to not falter like I did towards the end of my first tenure back in Camilla. I think with that I'd been there so long, and didn't want to adapt, and fell in with the rest of the crowd. If anything, I was always backing Stacey up while we worked together in Bainbridge. I basically re-learned teamwork, and we now have the front-end there running on all eight cylinders. I re-assured everybody that my leaving is not going to leave the big gaping hole that my leaving left in Camilla, since we already have things in place that should something happen, everything will run as it normally does... we're just going to be missing somebody.

Of course I'm going to miss everybody in Bainbridge. They've become like family to me. Of course I'll drop in and see them once in awhile when I can get over there. Amanda and Kaylynn have threatened to come to Cairo and beat me up if I don't. LOL

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