So, one of my new co-workers has asked me advice on how to deal with his girlfriend. My answer was short and sweet: move on. I'd love to live by that advice, but I'm just conflicted about whether or not to keep trying to go out with April. I told somebody that I have something I've never had before: options.

There are a few former Bainbridge co-workers I'd love to go out with, trust me. But they're all there and I'm either here or in Cairo. I did bump into an old co-worker now working in Cairo. I came close to asking her out when we worked together, but of course couldn't. I hadn't seen her in a long time until the other night. Of course, I can't get her off my mind, but still wonder if it'd be a futile effort to even attempt to try to ask her out.

I need to cue up the radar screen at this rate! LOL

In case you're wondering... work is going great. I have one bad apple, but unlike whenever I worked in Camilla, I seem to have found the ability to take care of those types. A few more nights, and that person will be wondering which way will be up!

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