So last week, I did some inviting into the group (link on right, the one that doesn't involve IM). It worked to a degree: An old TS member joined up. A few new people did, but that was it.

I installed Trillian the other night. Decided to test it with the alternate Yahoo ID... immediately, somebody I hadn't talked to in over a year (in the event that she finds this blog, I will refrain from using the CS description) messaged me. We talked... yes, she's still obsessed with me. The other night I figured out how to get MSN on there, and saw Jaime on. I dropped her a message, and we chatted briefly. We talked more extensively tonight. In talking to her, she convinced me to try to contact Rachel, my friend in Pelham. I'm about to drop her an e-mail as I write. Not sure if she will ever get it, but it doesn't hurt to try.

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