Inspiration in unlikely circumstances

I was putting together a CD. After finding friends I haven't talked to in ages (most recently one who, if I was describe, would fit perfectly in the disclaimer), I was in a reflective mood. I played a few songs the other night, and thought, "Well, I'd love to put them on CD," but I'd forgotten to save the playlist as it was going through songs. No matter, I went to my Recently Played SmartList. :P And then I went through the library. As I was piecing it together, I thought, "Damn, I'm building a damn rock opera here!" And then, I realized I'd come up with the basic outline of a story.

The story begins with a phone call out of the blue. A man hears from a girl he hasn't talked to in a long time, and after catching up, she invites him to The City for a visit that weekend. Of course, this lady is the man's long-lost love, so he jumps. She shows him all around the city, and they go out to a club that evening. He's never been in this fast-paced setting before, and becomes a bit disillusioned. Back to his friend's apartment, after she makes a stop in some shady area of town. She proceeds to get out the packages she picked up, and offers him some. He refuses, and sits back and watches as she gets high. He's had enough, since the last time he'd seen her she was not this way. After an argument, he leaves her with a few words in the direction of 'straighten your ass out' and leaves. She takes a few more drugs, and his words start to get to her. She's overdosed, and before she loses any coherence, she calls 911. In the ambulance and at the hospital, she dreams of what her life could've been had she not made some rotten decisions. Afterwards, she walks back to her apartment, and reflects on what has transpired. She decides to turn away from her life. For the first time, she feels so alive! She says to herself that how she was before, she will be that person again. She leaves a note for somebody telling them she is changing, and will reunite with her love. She shows up at his house, and they embrace. They stay up all night, celebrating. She tells him of how things were when she was high, and that it will always remain with her. It depresses her, but she learns to live with it, and will remember the bad times, but look forward to the good times that lie ahead.

That's the story in a nutshell. It only took me 20 minutes to type up the synopsis. I feel like starting on this now, but its 6 AM! Need some sleep.

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