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I've been keeping up with that case out of Pennsylvania. The one about the guy killing his girlfriend's parents. I've been trying to get as much info as I can. Its pretty damn sad. But, to me, its reading like something out of a made-for-TV movie.

The story everybody knows:

David Ludwig killed the parents of his girlfriend, Kara Borden. He then fled with her, and was caught some 600 miles away in Indiana. He has since confessed to the killings, and said she came with him of her own free will. She confirms she went with him willingly.
Does something not sound right, just in that brief synopsis? Also, as soon as Kara got to a computer, she started deleting her internet trail. I've been going through Yahoo and Google's caches trying to find what might be floating, but she forgot to nuke one page. I saved it to MyWeb, in the event she does nuke that as well. How dumb does one have to be to post an IM convo? Seriously: I've never done it. I've e-mailed edited IM convos before, but that was it. In it, she says she and David were going to handle the situation. From what I am gathering from reading that, they were having sex, sneaking around, etc. I've come across reports from friends that confirm what I suspected. But the "deal with it" part rubs me wrong. Were they planning on running away together? Innocent-sounding enough; the song 'Love, Me' by Collin Raye springs to mind. But, could it have been something more sinister?

Now, we have a lawyer doing a bit of spin control, saying she wasn't involved. Um, according to the report of David's confession, Kara watched as he shot her parents. Something is not right. She was running after he shot her dad, but turned back to see if he was going to shoot her mom. Then ran to the car, jumped in, and took off. Let's see:

  1. Deleting internet trail
  2. Willingly going with David
  3. Lawyer doing spin control
Sounds like what a politician might do if a scandal is about to break, except for point 2. Some are saying, "But, a 14-year-old couldn't have that much control of an 18-year-old." Bullshit! I said it about a co-worker of mine from Bainbridge, they don't build 14-year-olds like they used to... I won't get into why I said that (nothing bad, but I don't want her coming to Camilla to kick my ass!). When I was 14 was different than when (for example) my friend April was 14 is different than Kara being 14 is different than when any of y'all were 14.

In my digging, a blogger has posted something he received that indicated that David planned it. Who's to say Kara didn't have a hand in it. A movie was on Lifetime a few months back called Twisted Desire. It seems very eerie that the plot was: two young people fall in love, parents forbid them from seeing each other, they sneak around, boy is caught, girl suggest to boy to kill the parents, he goes through with it and he takes the fall if I remember the movie right.

I know this post has been kinda rambling. It just doesn't make any damn sense to me. Did David plan it alone, or did Kara give him the idea/go along with it after it happened? The key to all of it: She jumped in the car willingly. If I was 14, and an 18-year-old girl I was sleeping with secretly had just shot my parents, I would find a baseball bat. No way would I go with them.

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