They MUST be stopped!

Workers protest Wal-Mart - Tallahassee Democrat

Basically hammering home the fact on how Wal-Mart can sell their stuff so cheaply.

Wal-Mart prepares Chicago expansion - WMAQ NBC5

Wow, political corruption is still alive and well, folks!

And lets add to it the rumors I hear about Wal-Mart wanting to park another Supercenter across the street from another Winn-Dixie in Tallahassee. They just got finished running one off. And while we're at it, my understanding is that they just opened one in Orange Park, FL, about two or three miles down the street from location #8. Rumor has it they want to fire up ANOTHER ONE three miles in the other direction! What part of 'unfair business practices' does this not qualify under? A major Congressional investigation needs to be done, and needs to be done NOW!

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