Attention YouTubers

Right now (1:30 AM EST 1/12/2007) its gone down the tubes, and nobody can get in! I've tried, and my friend out in Texas has tried. Its like its totally down, like it doesn't exist. Very odd. Anybody know what happened to it?

EDIT: OK, check this... this was on the main youtube.com page:

I call bullshit!

EDIT @ 1:42 AM - I Googled and Yahooed the term 'youtube down', and I'm apparently the only one reporting anything. And this is because...???

EDIT @ 1:48 AM - Why do I get this weird feeling somebody screwed up and hit the wrong buttons at YouTube control? Because a site THAT BIG just doesn't go totally offline! Even the videos on my MySpace profile are nowhere to be found. Plus why is there no mention anywhere about this scheduled downtime?

EDIT @ 1:58 AM - somebody was none-too-pleased at YouTube going down. Still digging through Technorati to see if it just went down or if it was known to be going down.

EDIT @ 2:04 AM - Finally, somebody knew it would be down. But I still don't take back my calling BS. It should've been posted on more blogs than this.

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