She's just angered Tom!

So, apparently a co-worker of mine has gotten her very own inappropriate picture on MySpace! She just recently uploaded a pic of herself from New Year's Eve, and set it to be her default. Well, go there now, and her default has been defaulted by MySpace to something else. Try clicking on said pic, and you get the usual MySpace error message, forwarded to tech support, etc. I'm not really saying anything, but it could be because she is not-quite-18 and is clearly not wearing anything up top! I found that a little too inappropriate for anybody to be posting anywhere. But would I report it? HELL NO! Not for the fact that she'd know where to look for me to try to attempt to put the beatdown on me. (That's be a funny sight by the way... two beanpoles going at it!) The fact is that she posted it, and like it or not, think its wrong or not, deal with it. Nothing was showing unless you count her middle finger! I guess the people at MySpace command thought it was racy... which, considering its owned by the most immoral man on the planet (Rupert Murdoch) surprises me they'd yank it. It clearly shows her near a toilet, probably just having vomited what little guts she does have up, and probably a wee bit pissed that somebody is there with a camera at that point.

Oh yeah, I'm sure I'll hear everything from, "Did you report my pic?," to, "What did you mean about you'd 'best not go there' with talking about my pic?" Truth be told I thought it was gonna cause her problems, and I was right. And oh yeah, as I told Jaime, "Of all the pics she could've posted from that night, why that specific one?"

Just a small petty issue in the grand scheme of things. I'm gonna go read my book! LOL (And P.S. all ye who watch Fox News... just my opinion, but they need to add the word 'do' to their slogan 'We Report. You Decide.' They clearly aren't professional about it, unlike CNN. Yeah, I've waited two weeks to get that off my chest.)

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