So where did I go?

MySpace. I am on there all the time, so I used their blog. When Blogger went into this new phase, my BlogThis extension no longer functioned properly, and died entirely upon upgrading to Firefox 2. I now use an extension called Performancing. You might find that link embedded in a few of the early posts I used with it.

Plus, at the time, I was going through a rather nasty breakup, and figured my ex-girlfriend would be paying more attention to my MySpace than this blog, since she didn't know where it was. By the way should YouTube actually come back up anytime soon, I have a nice video from there I'd like to link in here.

But now that that is out of the way... its good to be back! Will I approach 2005's activity of 200+ posts? Probably not! I also have to get adjusted to all the little goodies that have popped up, like Digg, Bloglines, etc. Now that I kinda know what the Hell I'm doing with the page elements, that list of icons on the left is only gonna grow larger!

And last but not least... a 26-year-old boy I know up in Cleveland who runs a website I will not give any publicity for (as in, not mention the site's addy) can kiss my ass! I only wish I could get in contact with Jef from the old Yahoo Clubs I used to go to, because he would just love to have him for breakfast.

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