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First, the link to the latest story:

Autopsy scheduled for Anna Nicole Smith - CNN.com

I'm sorry, but I'm being very Ed Rooney about this. I want to see a body. The events of the past few months have just been too suspect to not put it past her to fake her death. I think this is why that guy Birkhead wants a DNA sample from the body, just to be 100% sure its her.

But for arguments' sake, let's say she really did die. That is very suspicious. I think it is definitely foul play in both her death and her son's death. And are we sure the 67-year-old stepson really died of natural causes now? Remember, the man has longevity in his family... his father was freakin' 90-something! It seems rather odd that all the people who could stand to inherit a gazillion dollars should an absolutely final court decision come down are now all dead. Well, all but one anyhow, but she couldn't touch it for another 17 years and 7 months. But whoever her father is could.

Which, again, leads us to the stalemate in the paternity case. Why stall at all? And why go to Florida and leave the infant behind in the Bahamas? What mother would leave their five-month-old a couple hundred miles behind? As long as that kid doesn't touch American soil, then no DNA sample can be taken from her, barring some extraordinary effort by the U.N. to get it, but I think they have bigger things on their plate.

Which brings me back to being Ed Rooney....

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